Thursday, April 17, 2008

well, i have learned that packing for a year is no easy task! i hope to have most of what is going on the carton done by the end of this weekend. but i mean, we still have to live at our current apartment for 1 1/2 month, so we need some stuff. like should we take our microwave? and what towels should i pack now? how many sets of pj's does one really need when going to malawi? i guess these are all sort of silly questions, but i love to plan stuff so this is what my mind is filled with.

an update on our situation for next year is that we won't be on campus! they don't have enough short term housing for nextyear. we were really sad at first, and still are a little sad even now. but really we are mostly excited now. we are very blessed in that we live in mississippi, so we can drive furniture to the crate. also, a lady i work with has offered to give us free furniture! its old but its furniture! so that will work out great! we just have to u-haul it down to the ABC offices in clinton.

and on a final (and totally unrelated note), i just finished reading charles dicken's The Mystery of Edwin Drood. i don't normally like to read the back of books ever, but i think i just might start after this little reading adventure. i bought the book in 10th grade while going through a dickens phase. i never read it then, and decided to read it this week. it was very very good. a man disappears (is possibly murdered) so there is definately lots of suspense. well if i would have read the back of the book, i would have learned that dickens was in the middle of writing this 12 part installment series when he died. he only made it to the 6th part, which means i only made it to the 6th part. it was VERY disappointing. so unless you love not knowing how a story ends, dont ready this book...


Bech and Marley said...


You should try reading only the backs of books. That's what I did all through highschool.

Your loving husband,


Courtney said...

I completely agree with Bech (except the part about that being all the reading I did in high school). Maybe if you only read the backs of books it would take you on a grand new adventure.

Courtney said...

One problem with your suggestion -- I'm almost certain that I had to leave my Anne books in MS because I don't think I had enough room to pack them. It'll have to wait until after the next time I go home.

Btw... I forgot to tell you, but it turns out that I have to TA for the first summer session so I won't be able to go home at all until sometime in either July or August. Hopefully it'll be in July because that's sooner and it's nicer back there in July than it is in August. (Not to mention I may get to see y'all before you leave!)