Thursday, October 2, 2008

sorry we haven't updated in a week. things have been busy here!

first thing, no pictures today! in fact, no pictures probably for a couple of weeks. our computer charger broke. so we are without a computer...which is a bummer, because we use it to watch movies on. but luckily someone is coming from the states on the 19th and will be able to bring us the charger. i just ordered it today with next day shipping, so lets hope it gets there in time! we will still be able to check our email and stuff, but we can't skype and do pictures.

also, we ran out of internet at our house (its really expensive, and you pay per MB...very strange. especially because in america, we only consider it downloading if its an attachment or from itunes, but really your computer downloads a little everytime it opens a web page. its a temporary download, but a download none the less.). so we will only be able to check the internet while at school (which is fine...but is when ya'll are asleep!). we could get more internet, but decided to wait and see if we really needed it. its just so expensive that it would be nice to try to do without it at home for as long as possible.

i am bummed about not being able to put pictures up because i have some great ones to add! emily and i went to ministry of hope, a crisis nursery/orphanage last friday (and will be going every friday from here on out). it was amazing, but hard. there was a 3 month old there who looked like a premie. he wasn't a premie, he was just so malnourished. i fell in love with one little boy. anyway, i know ya'll will all love the pictures, so just start getting excited for them...only like 3 more weeks! just be prepared though...its hard to see these beautiful kids who need so much love, but don't get it. not that the nursery isn't is. but they can't love on each kid as much as they need it!

we had a treat on sunday...we video skyped with our fellowship group from christ pres. it was amazing! we both loved seeing everyone on the computer screen. it was extra special, because a lot of the kids at christ pres that we are close to are in that fellowship group, so we got to see them as well. jacq fortner (the love of my life) asked, "miss mawry (thats how he says my name), can you take a big vacation and come and visit me?" and piper wanted to know if we had seen ngiri mdogo yet. and mary liles kept making goofy faces at the camera. it was great. it was so strange though to see how much those kids have grown up since we have been gone (which has not been that long). piper is already losing her little girlness...her face is getting longer and thinner. and eloise looked like a full fledged teenager. and emily, one of our favorite girls from our sunday school class last year looked so old that bech didn't even recognize her at first! it was so good for us to see and talk to all of those people that we love and miss!

things are good here. bech doesn't have a classroom, so that has been a little hard on him. but he is an amazing teacher, and the children LOVE him. my kids are great. i have loved getting to know each childs personality. the kids are all so funny.

we were in charge of potluck last week with the ketchums. we have potluck every friday here. one family (or in our case, two families) are in charge of deciding on a theme for potluck. then that family makes a list of everything that needs to be brought and people sign up for the different items. its fun to have fellowship. i see most of the teachers at the academy every day, but i don't get to see the college proffesors and the medical people that often. well we had southern style potluck. i think it went really well. there was poppyseed chicken (this was a new dish to most people, but a big hit!), fried chicken, mashed potatoes, southern style green beans (you know, nice and soft, not crunchy like the british eat them), cheese grits (courtesy of yours truly), a little sampling of red beans and rice, broccoli salad, corn bread, and cobbler and apple pie for dessert. there was sweet tea to drink, and, of course, tabasco sauce and tony's on the table! there was no food leftover, so i think it went really well!

anyway, we are doing well. its funny how much we have already adapted. if our computer charger had broken a month ago, i would probably have freaked out. but now we are just like, oh well, that stinks, we'll figure something out! TIA...this is Africa. we miss you all!

p.s. lara! i am so glad you posted on my blog! i have looked through all my luggage for the sheet of paper you gave me with your email address on it and can't find it anywhere! i miss you! how are molly and thomas? how's doug? how is the office? our email is send me an email and tell me all about life!


Liz T. said...

good to hear how things are going & glad you guys are starting to adjust! we're praying for you! we are absolutely loving Christ pres -- we're now going there for sure. There was a link to your blog in the bulletin a few weeks back and they pray for you quite often :-)

RCO said...

Another great post even without the pictures. Thank you so much for taking the time to keep us updated and informed. Both of you write so well that we get a real feel for your life and ministry there. Karen mentioned to me last night that they have their tickets!! She was beaming, and I was rejoicing with her. We love you and are praying for you.