Monday, September 7, 2009


It's finally done with...we sold the car!!! We heard that the people wanted it for sure last week, but we waited til everything had been transfered to put it on the blog. We had just been jilted (okay, so maybe jilted is way too strong of a word to use!) so many times last minute, that we wanted to have it all done just to feel sure. But the couple we sold it to is the sweetest couple!

So here is one last look at our Toyota Carina, called, "the Shaba." (after Alan Shaba, the man who helped us find it)

And here is the couple who bought it. This is Josh and Rebecca Harper. Josh's mom works at the ABC office in Clinton and basically is amazing. She takes care of getting all of the missionaries their money each month plus a bajillion other things!

We got to meet Josh and Rebecca when they came last spring to visit Malawi. They decided to come spend the next year in Malawi. Josh is teaching many of my old classes and Rebecca is teaching the 4 year old preschool (called Reception over there). Anyway, we think they are both just great, and are excited that they have bought our car.

It's amazing to see what God's plans are. We were so stressed and upset to have not sold our car before we left. But now I wouldn't have wanted to sell it to anyone else and in any other way. God is good...if I have learned anything this year, its that God is good.

p.s. Josh and Rebecca, if ya'll are reading this...I stole this picture off Rebecca's facebook...sorry!

p.p.s. My brother has the flu/swine flu...not sure which one :( So pray for him, and pray that the rest of my family doesn't get it. Katy, Mom, Bech, and I have all been around him.

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Courtney said...

1) Yay for selling the car!!! So exciting. :)

2) Hate to tell you, but it's probably swine flu and not just everyday joe flu. Aprile told me that every person she's tested for the flu this summer had swine.

3) We've got to catch up. I've got news!