Tuesday, September 22, 2009

things are good here. well except i really wanted to make meringues tonight for mcf, but it is pouring down rain right now (which it has been doing for seriously the past week or two)...and you can't make meringues if its humid (which is about 90% of the time in mississippi). oh and bech's car broke down and got broken into (they didn't really take anything, but still...and whoever the guy was, he got blood all over the seats...um, gross). i did want to share about two new things i am obsessed with.

the first thing is derek webb. well i have loved derek webb for a while, but he has a new cd out, Stockholm Syndrome. i really like caedmon's call when i was younger, because my counselors would always play it at kamp. and then derek webb broke away from caedmon's to do solo stuff. he came to millsaps my freshman year to play a concert (which is really crazy...i mean millsaps is not the kind of school that attracts christian artists, very strange).

i bought his solo cd that night, She Must and Shall Go Free. each of his cds has a central theme to it. the first cd is about the church and Christ's love for her. i actually got to hear him again a few months later at summer RUF in Panama City. Courtney totally humored me by going early to his "suprise concert" and meeting him with me. i would share the picture of courtney and me with derek, but we are not looking so hot, seeing as we just came off of the beach. plus he's a little guy, so my head looks twice the size of him...not such a cute picture.

since then he has realized 4 more cds (well not counting House Show), and each has had a very specific theme. also, each has been musically very unique. derek is really talented at both lyrics and music. the words on this latest cd are really convicting. he is selling it via his site for a great price, so i would check it out.

the second thing i am loving right now is The Help. this book is about the relationship between black housekeepers/maids ("the help") and their white employers during the early 1960's. the book is set in Jackson, MS (and the author grew up here, so almost everything she mentions specific to Jackson is true). i absolutely loved this book. i couldn't put it down. it gives a great view into the mid-desegregation world. i think lots of people here about segregation in the south, and just want to judge the south. but everything is complicated and hard, and this book helps to explain it all. seriously, though...you should all read it...it is an amazing book!


Courtney said...

Oh, thank you for not posting that picture of us. It was not one of our prettiest moments. I didn't know that Derek Webb had that many cds out. I just have "House Show" and "She Must and Shall Go Free". Apparently I need to catch up!

becca varner said...

ahhh!!! marley! i so wish you guys could have come to the derek show on friday. it was so great. i'll have to tell you about it. i'm kind of obsessed with that family :)