Friday, November 20, 2009

I feel like I'm a horrible poster now that I'm in America. Which is probably fine, because its not like a ton of people are reading this blog. But I do like to keep it updated.

Anyway, Bech and I have been pretty busy lately. We are about to head up to Oxford for the LSU game...we are going to win this year. I just know it. Ha, we probably won't...but maybe! I am so excited to be in the grove, especially when it's cold. Plus my whole family will be there, which will be very fun.

Last week, Bech's aunt, cousin, and future uncle (he's engaged to Tanta, Bech's aunt) came into town, so we got to spend lots of time with them.

Also, last weekend, I ushered at a visitation. I'm an intern with First Pres, and they ask interns to help out with visitations and funerals. I have never been able to do it before, but I was able this time. Also, the woman who died has a daughter Bech's age who he was good friends with in high school, so I really wanted to help.

The woman was pretty young (57) and an amazing lady. I have never seen that many flowers and that many people. It was supposed to be a 3 hour visitation, but ended up being 5 hours, because there were so many people. What an amazing testament to someone's character to have that many people there. She was a wonderful woman, and people loved her.

Please just keep this family in your prayers over the holidays. She left behind 3 grown kids and a husband, and I know Christmas is going to be so hard for them this year (and probably for many, many years to come). I feel mostly for Bech's friend (and my friend too). I have absolutely no idea how I could ever function without my mom, and I hurt so much for her.

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Courtney said...

He-ey! Ole Miss beat LSU. Woot! (But of course you already knew that.) Your premonition was correct! And you're not that bad at blogging. It's just hard to keep up when you get busy. Hope you have a fabulous Thanksgiving!