Tuesday, December 1, 2009

First of all, its now December!!! Yay! Bech and I got our tree Saturday from the fairgrounds. Half of the proceeds from the trees there are going to Blair E. Batson Children's Hospital. We got it up and decorated and it looks pretty cute.

Other than that, this past week was kind of rough. Ansley, my little sister who was diagnosed with Chrone's disease about two months ago, w
as not responding to her medicine well. So she was in the hospital for 3 days last week. She was able to come home for Thanksgiving dinner. But because mom was with her at the hospital for most of the time, Katy and I were in charge of Thanksgiving dinner. It turned out really good, I think. I guess you'll have to poll the rest of my family for an unbiased opinion.

Plus, we had some surprise guests for Thanksgiving, but not for a good reason. Wednesday night, my great uncle fell and was flown via helicopter from Brookhaven to Jackson. He is my grandmother's oldest brother, and he's 91 (we just celebrated his 90th birthday party last year). My grandparents got in the car in Florida on Wednesday night and drove all night. They got to Jackson at about 5 or 6 in the morning. But that did mean they were able to eat Thanksgiving dinner with us. My uncle is still alive and fighting, although I don't think the long term outlook is too good.

To top it all off, Saturday night I spilled a drink onto my laptop. Needless to say, it doesn't work anymore. We took it in Sunday night to get it checked out, and left with a new desktop. We had really wanted to buy a desktop in the near future, just not right now. But they were able to transfer all of our files off of the laptop and onto the new computer, which was my big concern. We had all of our Africa pictures on the laptop, and I was so worried we had lost them forever.

So now we own one of these. I will keep all liquids away from it, and it should last us a good long time (I hope!).

Finally, I went out on my first Black Friday ever. Katy, Dad, and I left Brookhaven a little before 4 to head to the Jackson stores. We hit up Target, Best Buy, Belk, Gap, and Wal-Mart. It was fun, but very tiring.

I will try to put a picture soon of our christmas tree...it's so cute!


Courtney said...

You've had way too much excitement in your life lately (though not all of it the good kind). I hope that the next few weeks are calm before Christmas. I can't believe that you spilled your drink on your computer! It's a lot harder to ruin your desktop than the laptop. I'm sorry to hear about your great uncle. And I'm so glad that Ansley is feeling better. Love you guys!

Anna said...

Errol's older brother has Crohn's disease. His was one of the earliest diagnoses in the late 80's/early 90's. I think Errol knows quite a bit about what Ansley will be going through, and we will be praying for her and your family.

Congrats on the new iMac. You'll love it!