Wednesday, December 16, 2009

things i love

Since I have nothing exciting to talk/write about, I thought I would share a few items I really love right now. Maybe if any of you are still struggling to figure out what to buy for christmas gifts for others, this will give you a few ideas

1. OPI nail polish
This brand of nail polish is the best ever, seriously. It is pricier--about $8 per bottle--but it's totally worth it. The color below is "Dear Santa," from the 2009 Christmas Collection...I have it on my toes right now. I also love "Melon of Troy" and "Don't Socratease Me," and I know "Cajun Shrimp" is a really popular summer color. (The names are part of the fun!) You can buy OPI at specialty salon shops, nail salons, and even Kroger (at least in our town).

2. Uggs
I used to things Uggs were, well, a little ugly. Then Ugg came out with it's cardigan line, and I immediately fell in love. I finally bought a pair about 2 months ago, and I am hooked! If you have never tried on a pair of Uggs, you need to. They feel amazing. They are lined with wool and are so soft.

3. Glee
Ohmylanta...I love this show. It is amazing. If you haven't seen it, it's about a high school glee club. The storyline is hilarious and the singing and dancing is great. The show comes on Wednesdays at 8 on Fox, but you can watch in online at

4. Bath and Body Works' Fresh Balsam scent
Because of my love for all things Christmas, I have often looked for Christmas scented candles. Usually the tree flavors aren't very realistic. This candle, however, is amazing. It smells like a live Christmas tree. I have bought a candle and soap, but I think Bath and Body Works makes various other things in this scent. You can buy at the store or online, but watch for deals. They always have tons, like free shipping, two for one, or percents off.
5. Urban Decay
I have a serious obsession with Urban Decay. It started my senior year of high school when I went to New York. I got an Urban Decay makeover in Bloomingdales. I love the eye shadow colors because they are just so fun.

This color is Midnight Cowboy Rides Again. It is a great neutral that has a ton of sparkle. If you want to try out Urban Decay eye shadows, its a good place to start.

A great gift for someone is an Urban Decay eye shadow palette. Urban Decay sells palettes with 6, 8, or even 16 different colors. I absolutely love these (I have three at home). This one pictured is the Book of Shadows, Volume II, and it is sold out everywhere but You can find Urban Decay via their website, the sephora website or stores, and the ulta website or stores. Again, watch for sales. Sephora and Ulta always have great sales.


Courtney said...

You totally sounds like you're advertising for these companies! I hope they're paying you. ;) Btw - I love OPI (that's thanks to you having us wear it at your wedding) and Glee.

Beau said...

hey this is beau, email me your mailing address!

marygrace said...

I have almost those same Ugg boots and I love them! I used to hate Uggs and I too have changed my tune:)

PS Love your blog!