Saturday, December 19, 2009

Last night, we had a bunch of people over for a game night. It was very impromptu, but it turned out to be very fun. Bech and I usually love to have people over. We had a good amount of people over while we were in Oxford. Then last year, we had people over all of the time. A lot of that was due to the fact that there is really nothing else to do in Malawi, but we really love to have guests over. We both like to cook for others and just try to create a fun experience.

Since we have been in Jackson, we haven't had very many people over. We have just been in a slump. I think part of it is that we made good friends last year then left them. So we aren't as energetic about making new friends. We also are just so busy. Last year, we could spend all afternoon getting dinner and our house ready. But I have so many MCF activities going on during the week so that makes having people over hard. I think, though, that we broke our slump last night. We played Taboo and Balderdash.

Bech is off work for the next two weeks, which we'll be fun. I still have work, but my First Pres job is only part time, so I will get to spend a lot of time with him. Last year, we worked together and got to spend lots of time together. Now, we have a lot less time together, and it's really hard. I am so excited to spend lots of time the next two weeks.

Christmas is almost here! I can't wait. I went to Brookhaven yesterday and wrapped presents all day. Only 6 more days!

p.s. Happy 27th Anniversary to my Parents :)

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