Monday, March 15, 2010

7 things

Nikki tagged me for a "7 things" blogger award. I think this means I get to talk about whatever 7 things I want. Maybe it doesn't, but I'm still going to!

1. It is finally spring in Mississippi and I am LOVING it! I like to say that I love cold weather. I also like to say that I want to live where it snows a lot. But I think the truth is that I love warm weather. I love to wear skirts. It all started when I first went to Malawi in 2003. I wore skirts every day and came back wanting to buy more and more skirts. In the winter, I still wear skirts, I just have to wear tights. And while I love tights, because they somehow make me feel sorta like Blair Waldorf, I was getting a little tired of them. So thank you warm weather!

2. Nikki talked about the "red juice" Crystal light makes. I love that, because that's what I call it too! Right now my favorite "red" flavor is Cherry-Pomengrate. Second favorite, which is an orange-y color, is Sunrise Tangerine Strawberry. I will drink diet dr. pepper from Sonic (with vanilla added!) and also sometimes a drink at a restaurant, but I don't really like to buy soft drinks. So I drink massive amounts of Crystal Light.

3. I still haven't seen "Alice in Wonderland." I am not happy about this. But I have been really busy lately, so hopefully this week. It's spring break at Millsaps, so no Bible Study or Tuesday large group. Maybe I can watch it Tuesday night.

4. Part of the reason I have been so busy is because I had a Greek test to study for. And I wanted to ace this test (it was last Friday). I have always been a grades person. I will do whatever it takes to make an A. Well, maybe not so much in those pre-med classes...I got some B's in that and was totally okay with it. Really, I think I will be okay with a B in physics...I'm just happy I finished that class without having to be committed. I have never cried while doing homework before, but I did all the time in that class.

But back to grades. At Ole Miss, anything over a 90 is an A. But Millsaps uses minuses and plusses. So 93 to 90 is an A-. I was feeling pretty happy after the first test with my 92. But then I realized, wait, that's an A-. And of course, it doesn't matter what I get in this class. I am a non-degree seeking student technically (because I graduated with a B.A. in classics). And really, an A- is great. But now my competitive A loving side has come out and I want an A.

I probably won't know how the test went until after spring break or maybe even later. And now you all now how dorky I am and how I like to waste my energy and anxious nature. But there it is.

5. I learned how to make pasta this weekend! As you know, I had the ravioli night for my girls last week. But I didn't roll out any of the dough. I was just making sure everything else was going okay. But this Saturday night, Bech made spinach pasta dough. So I got bold and decided it was high time for me to learn how to use the pasta machine. I made ravioli to eat with his homemade tomato sauce and he made fettucini noodles to eat with the the sauce and some sauteed mushrooms. Then yesterday, for lunch, I made some fettucini noodles and ate it with leftover alfredo good!

6. I am going to the beach for two weeks this summer. Sadly, neither of those weeks are for a real vacation, but both weeks will be fun. The first time is the second week of May when David, Sam, and I will be taking Millsaps students down to Panama City for RUF Summer Conference. John Stone, famous for his past dating talks (my favorite quote of his: "the couple that prays together, lays together"), will be the main speaker. I am hoping for an appearance of Paige Benton Brown for the seminar talks, but she didn't do last maybe not :( Basically tons of colleges bring their RUFs (and Millsaps brings their fake RUF) to the conference center. You attend two seminars every morning (some seminars last 4 days, some just 2), eat lunch, spend all afternoon on the beach, then have a really large large group, with John Stone speaking. It's going to be great.

The second beach trip will be as the chaperone for Faith Presbyterian in Brookhaven. We are taking them down to RYM also in Panama City (same exact place). It is exactly the same as Summer Conference, just with high school kids. There is one new aspect: the romance! RYM is notorious for love connections. I actually got my first kiss at RYM, but that was NOT a love connection and is a very embarrassing story. But my point is that I may get to do "beach patrol" in which you walk along the beach at night with your flashlight making sure no one is kissing (lets hope that's all I see!).

7. I am sure anyone who has made it to point 7 is ready for me to end quickly. So I will. My seventh point is that I watched "Hotel Rwanda" and it was amazing. That's really all I can say about it right now. I am still processing it all in my mind.

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Aaron and I met at RYM in 2000 and have been together since then! Must be something in the air.