Wednesday, March 10, 2010

things i love right now!

1. America's Next Top Model--okay, so I always love this show. I know some people think its cheesy, but I think its amazing. This is the one show I followed even while in Malawi. And cycle 14 starts tonight! I can NOT wait! I actually have church during the show, so I usually watch it the next week online. But I am still so excited.

2. Toms--Bech got a pair of Toms for Christmas, and I've been drooling over them ever since. So this weekend I got my first pair. I got the light blue linen ones and they are really cute. Plus, they are super comfortable.
3. OPI's Mad as a Hatter nail polish--I love OPI polishes. I think they are better than all other polishes plus they have the cutest names. OPI released a set of polishes just for Alice in Wonderland. Since I have always love that book, I knew I had to have one of the polishes. This one is fun and sparkly...two things I love. It looks really purple-y in this picture, but its a lot lighter in person.

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Emily said...

i confess. i love that show too. but it doesn't make me feel better about myself.