Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Break?

This week is spring break in Jackson, so my Millsaps students are gone. I thought this week would be slower, but I've been pretty busy. I work in a children's clothing store every Friday afternoon. This week, other people who work there are on trips, so I have worked 3 full days (I don't think Bech has much sympathy for me!).

I also spend two days in Brookhaven helping my mom spring clean. Someone (I'm not naming names) puts random things in random rooms, and so two rooms in our house have been totally stuffed with ridiculous stuff. Plus my mom has a hard time getting rid of old clothes (I think it's my Nana coming out in her). So we cleaned out my old room (which is now a guest room/Katy and my room), Ansley's room, and the back sunroom. We threw out three bags of trash, sent 12 bags to a garage sale at my dads clinic, and packed up a bunch of clothes for resale.

Part of the random stuff in my old room was wedding presents. We had managed to bring most of our presents to our house in Belhaven (very little of it made it up to Oxford after we were married). Now we have all of the rest, including our wavy annieglass chargers (which I LOVE, and which are really called "ruffled", but I'm too used to "wavy." Aren't they beautiful?

They look amazing with our china (I brought the rest home from Brookhaven, so now we have a full 12 place settings!). I love our china because its sort of modern (it's Vera Wang by Wedgewood) but the salad plate is vintage-y.

Now, of course, the only problem here is that we have yet to use our china. When we got married, some people would say (never older people, usually people our age), "I wouldn't get'll never use it." And I swore to them that I would use my china all of the time. Of course, I know the older I get, I really will use it. But I do want to use it now...I will just have to find a time soon! Maybe a special birthday dinner for Bech?

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Sheryl said...

Can you and your mom come to down and help me clean out my house?

By the way, we hope we will get to see you and Beck soon ;).

Aunt Sheryl