Saturday, November 6, 2010

What I'm Looking Forward To...

Well this post is going to be all about food. So, if you don't like food or don't want to read about food, just stop now. But if not...

I will be home in less than 6 weeks. YAY! I can NOT wait! And of course, I am most excited about family and friends. I promise. I think about that way more.

But I also am missing some of my favorite restaurants in Jackson. There are some good places to eat here, but Jackson really has way better restaurants.

So in a very particular restaurant, here is what I want to eat when I get home!

This is a new Jackson restaurant, but I went there a lot this past summer. It was a great lunch/dinner place for college students. If you are from Jackson and haven't been there, it's like Majestic Burger or Cool Al's. If you aren't from Jackson, it's a build your own burger restaurant. My favorite burger: the Sonic Boom with fried jalapenos on top!

Another amazing Jackson restaurant. We used to go here a bunch last year. It's a pizza place, but my favorite thing on the menu is the hummus. They serve it with the best herb bread...yum!

3. La Guadelupe

Oh my goodness...words cannot describe how good this restaurant is. It is a Taqueria, and it serves really authentic Mexican food. And the prices are great. I went so often last year that the owner knew me. I'm not even going to show you a picture of the front, because you need to see the goodness that is their food. The tortillas are made right there in front of you, and there is fresh lettuce, tomato, and avocado.

I could eat at Julep once a week and still love it just as much. I love the casual yet nice feel of the restaurant, and the amazing Southern food. My favorite thing on the menu: the friend green tomato appetizer. It's fried green tomatoes, with goat cheese and crab meat in between the layers. I'm also a fan of their sweet potato fries. I'm hoping for a dinner date here with the Dearman's!

This is hands down my favorite restaurant ever. It has been since 7th grade, and it will be until the day I die (I think). There are two locations in Jackson: Little Tokyo and Sakura Bana. I like Sakura Bana a little better, but they are both absolutely, ridiculously amazing. I could eat here every single day. Seriously. People that know me well know that I am not kidding in the slightest.

I want to eat here at least twice while I'm home. I need a dynamite roll, shrimp kodiak, and crunchy shrimp--don't worry, not all in the same meal!!!

Well, now you know what I am thinking about. But I have a Latin test on Monday, so that's what I probably should be thinking about. Hopefully this post will have gotten out all of those cravings, and I can focus on good ole Tacitus.

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Courtney said...

You forgot about McAlister's!