Monday, November 19, 2012

Life Lately...

Again with the business!  The holiday season is starting and we are already feeling it.  As a teacher, I can tell that this Thanksgiving/Christmas season is going to be extra crazy!  But at least I will be almost complete done (just a few exams to proctor) come December 15th!

So here's what we've been up to lately:

Jack and I went to Brookhaven two weekends ago so that I could go to Mistletoe Marketplace with my little sister.  We stuck around for church at Faith Pres so that we could see some of our favorite people...Jack and Nell Chinchen!  The Chinchens started African Bible College and we hadn't seen them in a while.  Plus, they hadn't met Baby Jack yet. 

We also made time to eat some yummy Janie's cookies!

There are few things I love more than a little boy in a turtleneck and Jon Jons.  This is Jack's pirate outfit!

I am obsessed with pumpkin waffles.  Jack and Bech are good fans, too.

We went to Bech's work to unload a wood kiln.  Jack thought the forklift was pretty fun.  He is ALL boy!

This weekend we went to New Orleans for the PoBoy Festival.  Bech's parents have a condo right off of St. Charles, so we took the street car to the festival.  Jack was so tired (it was right during his nap time), so we aren't totally sure how he feels about street cars.

Now Jack and I are in Brookhaven, getting spoiled and decorating my parents' house for Christmas.  Bech gets off work on Wednesday and will swing by to get us on the way to Jackson.  Yay for Thanksgiving holidays!


Holly said...

I'm obsessed with Jack in his red Keds. The cutest.thing.ever.

Callie Nicole said...

Jack is getting so big! And the pumpkin waffles sound amazing!