Sunday, November 25, 2012


We had a great Thanksgiving.  Jack and I went down to Brookhaven on Sunday night.  I spent the extra days helping my mom decorate our house for Christmas, and Jack spent that time playing with Bella's Thomas train table!

On Wednesday afternoon, Bech got off work, stopped by Brookhaven to grab us, and we all headed to Jackson.  We ate Thanksgiving lunch on Thursday, stayed til late afternoon then headed back down to Brookhaven for Thanksgiving dinner.

Jack loved seeing family and eating lots of food--his two favorite things!  

Look at those sweet curls on the back of his head--I could eat them up!

Yup, he's a goofball!  

But don't you love his Thanksgiving outfit?  It's from patycake kids, a favorite brand of mine (and local!). 

Bech and I rarely remember to take pictures together, but I got one in front of my parents' tree.  Bech got new glasses...what do y'all think?

Mom, Ansley, and I headed to Jackson Friday for a couple of hours to get some Black Friday deals.  Jack stayed with Bech and Blaise.  I think it's safe to say he had a blast!

Again, I am in love with this shirt.  This is a gift from my cute!

This is the first Thanksgiving in a couple of years that we have been home for the holiday, and we loved being with our families (although we loved our Thanksgivings with Courtney, Katy and Paige!). 

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