Thursday, February 7, 2013


Next week is Mardi Gras break, and I could not be more ready for it.  

Let's take a moment right now and think about the concept of Mardi Gras break...absolutely brilliant.  I get a week off now, and a week off for Easter.  I am so thankful for that!

So since I am currently brain dead (it's been a long week), I am just going to update with some randoms.

* We met with the session a couple of weeks ago.  We are set to join the church now!  We love our church here.  

* We are also going to a Wednesday night community group/Bible study through the church.  I am loving it.  The family who hosts it has 5 children and a baby on the way.  I love just being in their house!

* Jack has been so grumpy lately.  I think his eye teeth are coming in right now.  He has been waking 30 minutes to an hour early in the morning.

* But he has also been so fun in so many other ways.  He has been talking more and more.  I love his little voice!  And he has been playing jokes on us...I love his little sense of humor!

* This weekend, we are going to New Orleans for Mardi Gras!  This is my first Mardi Gras.  A lot of Mississippi people celebrate Mardi Gras, but my family really never did.  We will be there Saturday and Sunday and will get to see several parades.  Plus, we will spend lots of time with family.

* Tomorrow is a half day at school.  I am hoping to get Jack home, sans nap.  That way I can put him in the crib and crawl into bed myself!  There are few things I love more than naps!

* I have been doing really well with my menu planning.  Until tonight.  So tonight was eat at Cane's night.  Oh well, it worked!

That's all.  I'm going to finish my episode of Dance Moms and go to bed.  Only 1 more day until break!!!

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