Friday, February 22, 2013

Catch up!

Once upon a time I actually updated this ole blog of mine.  

We had Mardi Gras break last week, and this week has been crazy with activities.  But I have a little down time, so I'm back!

So here are some randoms and catch ups:

* One of the reasons I haven't posted a lot lately is because I am out of photo space on blogger.  Which means I have to upload photos to another site then upload them to blogger.  Ugh.  So I have been using Facebook and photo bucket.  I like using Facebook more (it's faster), but then I feel like my pictures are so repetitive.  And there are pictures I might want to share on here that I wouldn't necessarily deem worthy of being on Facebook.

Does anyone else have this problem?  What do y'all do?  Upload your pictures straight to blogger or go through another medium?

* Zulily just had Toms on their site.  I looked at them both days they were up and contemplated getting Jackie boy a pair.  But I just wasn't sure.  Toms are great, but for a little boy?  I like my boy in his keds and white sandals.

I decided to ask Bech that night when I got home.  His answer was, "I think Toms are too old for him.  He can wear those later."  

This is why we are married.  My husband loves smocked clothes and red Keds.  He even likes Jack's summer bubbles.  I love that man.

*  Side note, if you don't use Zulily, click on the link and sign up!  When you order from it, I will get a $15 credit!

* I finally used some of my Christmas money not too long ago. (I got some really cute dresses on sale at Anthro!)  When I paid, the man at the register (another side note, I didn't know men could work at Anthro!), he held up the $100 bill to the light.  I don't normally walk around paying in cash, much less $100's, but I felt this sudden compulsion to tell him how to distinguish counterfeit money from real money. 

You know, cause I read Stacey and the Mystery Money when I was 10. 

Thankfully, I kept that bit of knowledge to myself.  I don't think the lone man Anthro worker would have been amused.

But, seriously, that was a good book.  And it made me crave some old Babysitters Club books!

* Orient Expressed (no benefit to me if you click the link on this one!) just had a really big sale.  I love their clothes, but they don't often have great sales.  Ergo, I don't buy from them much.

But I was able to snatch a couple of cute outfits.  A reversible pumpkin tractor/Christmas tree long-all isn't pictured, but I am in love with this cowboy shirt and cowboy smocked long-all.

* I have been obsessed lately with looking for clothes for Jack.  

Actually, that's not true.  I have always been obsessed.  But it's gotten worse.  And there are so many cute outfits to be bought!  My mom hit up a local boutique's after Christmas sale, and, thanks to iphone picture messages, I got some really cute things for next fall and winter!  I will have to share pictures soon.

* We have had people over a bunch lately and I love it.  Partly because I love to have people over and spend time with friends, but partly because having people over is great motivation to clean our house!  I am sort of a neat freak, so our house is usually pretty tidy.  But I am bad about cleaning--sweeping, vacuuming, scrubbing counter tops.  So yay for friends motivating me to do so!

I have some picture posts coming soon.  I actually uploaded the pictures, and just want to add the captions!

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Sarah Denley said...

- Anthro? YES.

- Toms? Totally with y'all, girl. Red Cap Toe Keds kinda make it a non-decision, yes? Only so much time :( Graves and Jack can enjoy their Toms when they're hipster high schooolers.

- I buy space for my blog from Google. It's like $5 a year and so convenient. Worth it for me (even though my blog/FB pics are SUPER redundant).