Saturday, March 2, 2013

David Wilcox

When I was 19, I met Bech and we started dating.  He told me that one of his favorite singers was a guy named David Wilcox.  I wanted to look really cool to him, so I downloaded a couple of his songs.  I was hoping I would love David, and we would have that in common.

I didn't know then, but there are actually two David Wilcox's.  The first is a Canadian rocker.  And that's what I downloaded.  Not good.  So I decided that I didn't like David and we would just have to find some different common music likes.

That spring, Bech and I (and my little sister) took a road trip to Florida for spring break.  Bech brought along Live Songs and Stories, a cd where David sings and tells stories (okay, yeah, I guess that was pretty obvious).  Anyway, I fell in love with that cd.  Bech had one or two more cds and we've bought a couple of his other cds throughout the years.  And those cds have been my lifeline so many times.

I love music that sings the truth and the gospel to me.  And while David Wilcox doesn't refer to himself as a Christian musician, his music is so full of truth.  I always notice and pick up on new hidden gems every time I listen to him.

David's music has become "our" music.  Bech and I constantly reference songs and lyrics to each other.  One of our dreams has always been to see him in concert.  I say dreams, not goals, because I really felt like we would never get to!  He tours a lot, but rarely near us.  But this past November, our friend Hannah mentioned that Greg, her husband, and she were going to see David Wilcox in Lafayette, LA, this March.  Lafayette is only 1 hour and 15 minutes away!

So last night, Bech and I got to see David perform.  Y'all, it was perfect.  I seriously could not use any other word to describe it.

The theatre he played in was very small.  We were only about 20 feet away from him.  And he told stories before some of the songs.

He played several of my favorites: "Rusty Old American Dream," "Language of the Heart," "Show the Way," "Eye of the Hurricane."  And he played Bech and my's song, "Start With the Ending."  

He played a ton of things new to us, and they were all great.  You know how sometimes you go to shows, and it's all new stuff and you don't know it at all.  You want the old stuff?  This wasn't like that. Because his songs are very much stories wrapped up into songs, every new song is like a new treat.  

Here is David on stage--just him and a guitar.

After the show, he just came out and walked around.  I asked him to sign a cd booklet.  Pretty sure I was the only one who did that, which is embarrassing.  Then we took a picture with him (we weren't alone in that request).  He kind of put his arms out, and I said, "Are we allowed to touch you?"  Um, who says that?  I am a walking most embarrassing story.  

So here is our picture with David Wilcox.

Yup, I'm pretty happy right now.

I would love to tell you to check out his music, but I honestly don't know if you would like it.  He is amazing, and he has really loyal followers.  But I don't really share his music with everyone, because I don't want to hear people say they don't like it.  But if you are curious (and you won't tell me if you don't like it!), you should check him out.  Maybe start with "Live Songs and Stories," like I did.

To close, here are some of my favorite lyrics:

"When I get lonely ah, that's only a sign
Some room is empty, and that room is there by design
If I feel hollow - that's just my proof that there's more
For me to follow - that's what the lonely is for."


Tricia said...

Well that solves the mystery about who that guy was in the picture you posted on Facebook. I'll have to look him up. Glad you got to meet him.

Sarah Denley said...

I loved this post. I think we could relate musically :) Sometimes, I feel like people around me don't really "get" how music speaks to me. Anyway, I YouTubed and I like him a lot. Not surprising as "singer-songwriter" is one of my favorite musical genres ever. Thanks for the pointing me to him!