Monday, April 22, 2013

The Weekend...

We were in Baton Rouge this weekend...yay!  

We have been traveling a ton lately (and all for fun things), so Bech and I were both relieved to spend a weekend at home.  And it ended up working out well because Jack was sick this weekend.  So we had lots of relax time.

Jack had a slightly high temperature Friday morning before we left for school, so I was not surprised when his teacher came to get me about 9:15 because his temperature had risen.  I was slightly disappointed, though--Friday was a half day for Field Day and I was already enjoying watching all of the kids compete.  But if I'm going to have to miss a day to take care of Jack, it was a good day to miss.

Jack and I spent Friday napping, cuddling, and watching Thomas.  That night, while Bech was cooking dinner and I was checking email, Jack grabbed my phone and started playing with it.  A few minutes later, I noticed that he was on a chair in the living room, watching The Lorax on Netflix.  I am actually pretty impressed that he figure out how to get on netflix from my phone and found a cartoon movie.  Well played, Jack, well played...

But that also means we watched The Lorax about 3 more times over the weekend.  Which is actually okay with me, because I had never seen it before and now I'm kind of obsessed.

And I also tear up at the end.  

And I can't stop singing "Let it Grow"...I think I have a problem.

Saturday late afternoon, we were fever free and decided to venture out of the house.

My child LOVES ice cream (well in this case frozen yoghurt).  And the shop was right by the new dress for me and "ice cream" for Jack.  Win-win.

Then we went to the food court.  Ya'll, I don't know the last time I ate in a food court at the mall.

Correction...I actually do.  It was in Vermont and the only Taco Bell was in the mall food court.  And I was really really pregnant (like almost to my due date).  So I think I can be forgiven.

But I was neither pregnant nor eating at a Taco Bell, so there can be no forgiveness.  I was just hungry.

Then, Bech and I thought it would be fun to let Jack ride the carousel.  Actually Jack was begging to ride the carousel; we thought it'd be a good idea to let him.  Once we got on it, he was terrified.  He didn't want to ride on a horse.  But he enjoyed his carousel bench ride.

We left there and headed to a friends MFA thesis show.  Fun, but we will go sans Jack next time!

Sunday morning, Jack and I stayed home from church to try to rest up a little more before the week.  He's still grumpy and not eating much, but he's on the mend.

Sunday night, after a trip to whole foods, I made some spring rolls and coconut milk cauliflower "rice" for dinner.  Recipes here and here.  (And they're weightwatchers recipes!)

Bech and I then curled up and started a new series, Hemlock Grove.  Um, no thanks!  Anyone else tried this?  It's one of Netflixes original shows.  Bech loved House of Cards so we both thought this one would be good.  I have one word...werewolves...

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  Now back to reality...

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Ashley said...

Shamefully, it's been a while since I've checked in on your blog. I CANNOT believe how big Jack is!!!
How's the south treating you? I'm a little/a lot jealous when I see you wearing summer stuff and it was 40 degrees here today...