Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Sunday

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend celebrating of the death and resurrection of Christ.  And if you don't believe in Christ, I hope that you had a wonderful weekend with your family.

One of the best things about living back down south is getting to spend the "smaller" (I only mean that in reference to Christmas) holidays with our families.  We enjoyed being with family on this past Thanksgiving and now Easter!

My grandparents spend half the year in Florida, but had just gotten back to Brookhaven this past weekend, so I was ready to get down there!  We got to Brookhaven about lunch time and spent the afternoon playing with Nana, Papa, and, Jack's favorite, Bubbie!

Sunday morning,  before Church, we gave Jack his Easter basket.  Pretty sure he liked it!

***sidenote:  I do want to be deliberate about these holidays and not just blindly do all typical traditions.  My parents always gave Easter baskets, and I never felt like it took away from what Easter meant.  So Bech and I gave Jack an Easter basket that was from us, not the Easter Bunny.  Theoretically, I would love to give him his presents on the Saturday before, but this year it just worked for us to do before Church.***

There are always so many toys that I would love to get for Jack, but I tried to stick with his interests (and also not spend a bunch!).  So we got him a Mickey Mouse "look and find" book (we have the Thomas one and he loves it!), Melissa and Doug car and truck magnets (which makes everyone happy seeing as Bech and I love Melissa and Doug toys and Jack loves magnets and all things with engines!), and a Thomas t-shirt.

Oh, and we got some sidewalk chalk, because it's starting to get warm!

And what Easter basket is complete without some candy?

Also, can we talk about the saddle oxfords...?  Ohmylanta, the cuteness!

I love this little boy SO much!

We had an easter egg hunt as well.  I wasn't sure if Jack would get into it, but he seemed to enjoy picking up all of the eggs.  That's my little OCD boy!

A family picture.  We have now entered the stage (or perhaps we were always there) where it's hard to get a picture where (a) everyone is looking at the camera and (b) everyone is smiling.

We went to Faith Presbyterian for Church, where Russ, as usual, preached an amazing sermon and where I, as usual, cried through the sermon.  Seriously, every time I hear Russ Hightower preach, I cry.  It was an especially good and challenging sermon.  You can listen to it here.

"The Joy of the Gospel is He comes after enemies and makes them family.  If we get that, if you realize who you once were.  That's why we say knowing Jesus changes everything.  Could it be, could it be?  He is risen!"

Seriously, listen to it.  And if you can without crying, or at least tearing up, then I am impressed (or saddened, not sure which).

We finished up the day with an afternoon and dinner at Bech's parents house.  Lots of food and lots of family time make a wonderful weekend.

Χριστός Ανέστη! Αληθώς Ανέστη!

(Christ is risen!  He is risen indeed!)

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Callie said...

Jack is getting so big! Sounds like it was a lovely Easter!