Monday, May 13, 2013

Weekend Updates

Remember when I had a blog and I actually used to post?  

Yeah, me neither.

Seriously, though, life has been busy lately.  We've been back and forth to Jackson.  We're nearing the end of school, which means lots of extra things to do.  My sister's bachelorette weekend is this coming weekend!  Lots on my plate right now.

Plus, like I mentioned in my last post, we have big news.  Big news that I will share later this week (and that I am excited to share!).  But I do want to wait until later this week, and so I've stayed off the blog purposefully too (so I don't share too early!).

Side note--would you like to know the reason I'm waiting?  Because my students read my blog.  Yup.  Weird, right?  If you are a student, and you are reading this right now, stop.  Go do homework or take selfies or listen to One Direction.  My blog is boring and lame.  

Alright, back to the post.

Last weekend was my little sister's birthday.  To be honest, her birthday last year sucked.  So this year we all planned to make it extra special.  In fact, she didn't even know that Bech, Jack, and I were coming.  I had convinced her that Bech had to work and we just couldn't come.  

We drove up Friday night and stayed at Bech's parents house.  Then we stopped for a Coke Icee (one of her favorites) and woke her up in the morning.  We had a great day--lots of food, laughs, inside jokes, and shopping.

We finished the day with dinner at of all of our favorites.  Here I am with the birthday girl!

In between, we had a crazy week.

This weekend was jam packed, but very fun.  

Friday night, we had our friends Bess and Julian over to eat.  We love spending time with them, because we can just completely be ourselves around them.  They are hilarious.  We made some yummy mexican food (homemade tortilla chips!) and had so much fun.

Saturday, Jack and I ventured out to join Bess and Julian for the farmer's market.  I can't believe that I have lived in Baton Rouge this long and just now went!  It was not near as big as Burlingtons, but it was a good size.  I got some local grass fed beef (for a better price than Whole Foods!).  Jack and I also shared a peanut butter and Nutella crepe.

When Bech got home from work, we decided to hit up Sonic happy hour and the local park.

We weren't planning on getting in the splash pad, but somehow it just happened...!

Jack was scared at first, but he LOVED it by the end.  We let him run around in his clothes and he had the best time.

About two minutes after this picture was taken, Jack asked to take off his outfit.  We agreed and were just going to let him run around in his diaper, but then he tried to pull his diaper off.  Yup, time to go home.

This picture was actually taken before (notice that he's dry).  I love my little bud.  Also, he needs a haircut.  He has been called a girl many times this week.

We weren't going to go home for Mother's Day (we were just there last week), but my dad asked us to come.  We both decided that we don't know how many Mother's Days we'll be near by for in the coming weeks, so we should spend this day with our family.

We had a whirlwind trip: Faith Pres for church, lunch with my family (and grandparents) in my parent's backyard, dinner with Bech's parents, and back to Baton Rouge by 10:15.

This weekend also included some Bubbie cuddles.  Seriously, Jack may love my brother more than he loves Bech and me.  Bubbie is the favorite by far.  

Also, Blaise is currently single.  Just letting all the ladies know.

Check back later this week for some news!

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