Monday, October 7, 2013

Andrew Peterson

I mentioned on Friday that we were heading to an Andrew Peterson concert that night in the Lancaster area.  It was actually Andrew, Bebo Norman (on his last ever tour...he's retiring!), and Sarah Groves.

It was really good.  The three musicians took turns talking about songs and singing them.  It definitely made it feel like a house show (which I love).  And there were only 600 people there, which added to that feel.  

But it meant that I got to hear Andrew Peterson sing less, which was sad.

In case you are an Andrew fan, he sang "Day by Day," "Shine Your Light on Me,""You'll Find Your Way," "Dancing in the Minefields," and "Nothing to Say."  

See what I mean?  Not a lot of songs.

But they were all amazing.  I especially enjoyed the first three.  They are off of his new album, "Light for the Lost Boy," which I have had a harder time getting into.  But hearing him talk about each song and then sing them live really helped me connect. 

My new favorite may be "You'll Find Your Way."  It's to his son, and I love it.

"When I look at you, boy,
I can see the road that lies ahead. 
I can see the love and the sorrow.
Bright fields of joy,
Dark nights awake in a stormy bed.
I want to go with you, but I can't follow.

So keep to the old roads,
Keep to the old roads
And you'll find your way.

Your first kiss, your first crush,
The first time you know you're not enough,
The first time there's no one there to hold you.
The first time you pack it all up
And drive alone across America,
Please remember the words that I told you.


If love is what you're looking for
The old roads lead to an open door
And you'll find your way.
You'll find your way back home.

And I know you'll be scared when you take up that cross,
And I know it'll hurt, 'cause I know what it costs,
And I love you so much and it's so hard to watch,
But you're gonna grow up and you're gonna get lost.
Just go back, go back.

Go back, go back to the ancient paths.
Lash your heart to the ancient mast.
And hold on, boy, whatever you do
To the hope that's taken hold of you.
And you'll find your way.
You'll find your way."

The song is based on Jeremiah 6:16: "Thus says the LORD, 'Stand by the roads and look; ask for the ancient paths, and walk in them, and you will find rest for your souls.'"

You can check out the video and Andrew's explanation of the song here.

I know Jack is only a two year old, but these times are going to come.  He's going to grow up and he's going to have to go through hurts that I can't fix.  He's going to have to know that he's not enough.  And this song is my prayer too, that Bech and I would teach him to know those paths, and that Jack would follow them.

Anyway, I know I have praised Andrew's music before on my blog, but seriously, check him out.  His songs are medicine to my soul.  He's an amazing songwriter (and a fellow C. S. Lewis lover).

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