Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Here Come's the Bride (a couple of months later...)!

This past June, my sister got married.  She just got the pictures back from her photographer and I love them.

One of my favorite things about Katy's wedding was how different it was from mine.  I have been to siblings weddings before that seemed really similar.  And since they were great weddings, it didn't matter at all.  But Katy and I have different personalities, and I love that our weddings showed those differences.

My wedding was inspired by Father of the Bride.  The reception was at my parents house, I wore a vintage style dress, and a New Orleans jazz band played Frank Sinatra songs.  My colors were fall colors--orange bridesmaids dresses and lots of browns and yellows in the arrangements.

Katy's wedding was at The South, a renovated warehouse in Jackson.  The flowers were all white, very sophisticated, almost a New York feel.  Her other colors were navy blue and green.  The groomsmen wore gray suits with succulents on their coats.  The band, Almost Famous, played 80's music.  Everything was so fun, and she added lots of little touches to the reception.

Brother Dave, the bride, me, and Brother Bech.

Katy has always called Bech "Brother Bech."  I am excited to now have a "Brother Dave!"

The Braden girls.
This is just a reminder to myself.  Next time, if you are going to be standing next to your almost 6 foot, model thin little sister, don't order the same style dress as her.  

The Blaise family side, minus two cousins.

We try to get together every couple of years, for a reunion of some sort.  It was great to see them all that weekend, and we will all be together next summer for my cousin's wedding.

And the award for worst ringbearer goes to Jack Evans!

Seriously, he did not take a nap (one of only 3 times in his life that has happened)!  He was grumpy and wild.  Bech actually wanted to send him home before the actual wedding.  But I had a feeling that he could manage it and he did.  He walked down the aisle, holding my hand.  He got to the front, made a beeline for Blaise (his favorite).  We sent him on to Bech's dad, who took him home and put him to bed.  I was sad that he missed the reception, because he would have enjoyed that.  But he could not have handled the rest of the ceremony!

Also, can we talk about those knee socks?  I love my little southern boy!

The bride and groom!

I talked about special touches, and this is one of them.  Katy's friend (and mine!) Kristen Ley is an amazingly talented artist.  She letterpressed Katy's invitation, coasters for the receptions, and the programs.  She makes and sells these confetti push pops that we used for the send off.  Aren't they amazing?

Another fun touch...the photo booth!  There were props to take in and it was so fun.  I visited it several times!

I don't have pictures, but there were also fun hats and sunglasses (actually some of those sunglasses in the pic above are them) handed out, Krispy Kreme doughnuts and Krystal burgers as a late reception snack, and glow sticks in the last hour.  And lots of people stayed late and danced, which was really fun.

Finally, one of my favorite pictures of the whole day.  Before the wedding (but after the pictures), the wedding party was hanging out in the reception area.  The bridesmaids were all sitting around this white couch (you can't tell in the picture, but it was a square all the way around).  The photographer came around and took an impromptu picture of us all. 

I know it's crazy that Katy has this many bridesmaids (especially to a non-Southerner).  But, honestly, these girls are all really special to Katy.  Katy is a good friend and she maintains friendships well.  There were probably 5 other girls she could have asked to be up there too (but that would have been a few too many).  That's just who Katy is, and I was glad that all of these girls were there to celebrate with Katy and Dave!

It was an incredible weekend.  Everything was perfect and so fun!  


elise @ cheers yall said...

eeee! what beautiful pics! my sister gets married this may. her save the dates just got sent out and it made it so much more real!!! love sisters so so so much! :)


Katy Robertson said...

He was a good little ringbearer, but a horrible picture taker :( Sad he didnt get to stay for the party after we talked up "Katys party with music and cupcake" all day!