Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Aslan is on the move...

It is officially spring here (and has been for a few weeks) and it is GLORIOUS!  

I love snow, I really do.  Perhaps more than most people.  But toward the end of winter, when I see the snow start to melt and the green poke through, I always say out loud, "Aslan is on the move!"  

(No, I don't have a C. S. Lewis obsession...why do you ask?)

One of the biggest differences I have noticed between the North and the South is how excited northerners are for Spring and Summer.  Yes, southerners are excited about summer break, the beach, all of that.  But southerners can be outside for extended periods of time in the winter.  And southern summers are SO hot. 

Up north, winters can be brutal, but late spring and summer are absolutely wonderful.  Sometimes we will have days mid summer that are in the 90's, but usually it stays in the 70's and 80's.  And since everyone is so tired of being cooped up all winter, they spend all spring and summer outside!

We are taking advantage of the beautiful weather.  State College has some ah-mazing parks around the town, and we like to hit them up often.  Plus, we have a great little backyard in graduate housing that we share with other families with young children.  We have been eating dinner outside most nights, sitting out on the picnic table late talking to friends, and just soaking up the beautiful days!

Here is Gil with his best friend, Theo.  They don't actually know that they are best friends (yet), but his family is moving to southern Vermont, so we will keep the friendship alive!

Uncle Hunter (Bech's little brother) stopped by during his move from NYC to Mississippi a couple of weeks ago.  I sent him outside with Jackie-boy to enjoy the weather.

Gil does a lot of blanket sitting while Jack runs around.  Which means that I do a lot of pulling mulch, grass, and dandelions out of his little baby hands!

Another one of Gil's friends, Charlie.  Charlie needs to teach Gil a thing or two about smiling for the camera, because he has got it down!  We are at a local park that is only a few blocks away from our apartment and has quickly become one of our favorites.

Gil is a fan of the swing!

Jack got to take the class stuffed animal home last night.  It's a kangaroo named Joey, whom Jack insists is a girl and keeps calling "Josie."  Most days, after I pick Jack up from school, we hang out here in our little backyard, Gil on the blanket and Jack running around playing.

Ah, it's Pirate Jack.  This is actually a mix of a pirate and Peter Pan.  Jack has decided that this shirt (a screen printed "Everything is Awesome" shirt from one of Bech's students) and these blue and green striped shorts are his official Peter Pan outfit.  I know, there are easy patterns for a real Peter Pan costume, and I plan on making one soon.  But for now, this outfit makes him so happy.  

Also, that face.  He is one little wild man.

We had a cookout with friends two weekends ago and one of the girls snapped this picture of the kids table.  I love these little boys so much!  

I plan on soaking up every bit of outdoor fun time in State College this summer--visiting all of the parks, swimming in the pool, eating Rita's Italian Ice, and sitting outside with food and drinks and friends.  As excited as we are about our next chapter in Burlington, we do love this little community we have found in State College.

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