Friday, May 15, 2015

Gil at 8 Months

Baby Gil is 8 months old!

We went to the doctor about 2 weeks ago for the second round of his flu shot, and he weighed close to 17 lbs (side note, that means he is about the same size as Jack 3 months!!!).  He is in mostly 9 month clothes, but he can wear a few 12 month outfits (they fit him lengthwise but are a little big in the middle!).  I just moved him up to size 3 disposables at night.

This month has been a game changer sleep wise.  We did a little cry it out at 4 a.m. right after he turned 7 months old, and, for the most part, since then he has been sleeping from his dream feed (10 or 10:30) until morning.  Sometimes he wakes a little on the early side.  And sometimes he cries out once in the middle of the night.  But, for the most part, he has gotten pretty consistent with this.  It has been so incredible!  I finally feel rested again!

Of course, the past two nights have been awful.  He would do that right before I post this!  Seriously though, he's teething and has a little cold, so I think he is just feeling really rough.

Speaking of teeth, Gil's top 4 teeth are coming in all at once!  The top left one just broke through the skin last night (I don't think the middle of the night waking was a coincidence), and I think the other 3 are close behind.

We just switched Gil to a 4 month schedule.  He is doing amazing on it!  He theoretically gets up at 7 (but it's usually more like 6:30), goes down for a nap at 9, sleeps until 11, goes down again at 1, and sleeps until 3.  And then he is up until bedtime at 6:45/7.

We have had a much better time with solids in the past couple of weeks.  He is starting to gobble them down.  So far, he has tried:  green beans, sweet potatoes, winter squash, carrots, apples, blueberries, pear, mangoes, banana, and avocado.  His favorites are apples and green beans!  He is not a fan of the puffs yet.

He is SO close to crawling.  He actually can crawl...backwards!  Doesn't that seem like it would be harder?  He gets up on all fours and rocks back and forth, then goes the wrong direction.  I think we are really close though.  He is really good at getting himself to a sitting position from lying down.

This is just such a fun stage.  Gil has been fussy the past week or so with teething, but he really is so smiley and fun!

Likes:  Jack (seriously, Jack just has to look at him, and Gil bursts into laughter!), cuddles, singing, eating grass

Dislikes:  not getting the toy he wants, teeth breaking through his gums (who doesn't?)

Happy 8 Months, sweet Baby Gil!  You are an absolute delight!

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