Monday, March 16, 2009

i am so sorry i haven't posted! katy (my sister) is here right now visiting, so we have been pretty busy. she got in last saturday (the 7th, i think?), and will be here through this thursday. we have already spent an afternoon at the lake. she has been helping out in Emily Ketchum's 3rd grade classroom during the day, then seeing Malawi in the afternoon. along with the lake, we have taken her to the crisis nursery to hold the babies, to bech's afternoon activity (art club), to the big market. also, she has eaten twice at the college cafeteria...and one of those times it was nsima! pretty impressive for only having been here a week.

this weekend, we went to south luangwa park in zambia for a safari. we had a wonderful time! i will put pictures up of that soon!

i did want to explain to all of you americans about two different flies over here. the first is the putse fly. the putse fly can lay eggs in your clothes if you dry them outside (ironing will kill the eggs though). the eggs then burrow into your skin and grow into little larvae. at some point, you can pop the larva out, or you can just leave it in their until it becomes a fly and flies out on its own. i know, it sounds absolutely disgusting! but we have had a few people here get them lately, so please keep them in your is not fun! apparently, it really really hurts!

another fly is the tsetse fly. this fly carries a disease sometimes (in the same way that some mosquitos carry malaria) called trypanosoma ("sleeping sickness"). from what i have read, this disease is much rarer than malaria. i got bitten by tsetse flies all weekend! i don't think i am in any danger at all of getting "sleeping sickness," but the bites really hurt! i am about to go over to the clinic to get some antihistamines, so hopefully that will help.

also, grades are due next week, and i have a few students who are failing or close to failing...please pray for them, that they will have motivation to increase their grades.


Gamard said...

I've heard of sleeping sickness. It was on an episode of House! (Season One, Episode 7: Fidelity; the woman cheats on her husband with his best friend who went to Africa) I guess this falls under what I've learned from TV. I'll keep those folks in my prayers though because that sounds pretty awful.

Liz T. said...

Glad you're having fun with Katy!