Monday, March 2, 2009

i am still trying to get this whole picture thing figured out! i uploaded those pictures straight from blogger, but i set the size too small! oh well, i will work on it!

we were talking the other day at dinner with the jones about how many things doesn't gross us out anymore. i know that sounds weird, so i will give some examples:

i have a small roach that lives in my medicine cabinet above the sink. normally, i would scream and freak out the first time i saw the roach, try to kill it, get bech to kill it, something along those lines. but instead, i see the roach, think, "oh well, what does it really matter?" and go on about my business.

also, ants are something that don't really bother me. there are ants EVERYWHERE here! emily jones was saying how a few months ago, she would have thrown bread away if it had ants on it. now, she simply wipes all of the ants off before eating.

however, yesterday i did opt out of using the bathroom at the village church. it was a hole in the ground (completely surrounded by flies and mosquitos) in a small cement, no thanks! i can hold it!

another fun thing about malawi is the way malawians speak english. some malawians have amazing english skills. even so, there are little phrases that always make us laugh.

the first is, "of course, i can say." you might ask someone, "are you from lilongwe?" "No...of course, i can say i have lived in lilongwe for many years."

another one is using the word "yes" as an "umm" or "er." example: did you make this? ", no, i did not make this."

i just wanted to share some of our experiences here! i am sorry i don't post for a week, then post several times in 1 day!


Sherry said...

Marley, I can relate to your life in Africa after living in India for almost three years but really wonder if I will continue these habits when I am posted other places. I love that you and Bech are doing such great work. I heard Katy is coming this next week. Take good care of her and tell her to add me to her blog. I missed out on the "private" thing. Take care

Liz T. said...

have fun with katy!!!