Monday, March 30, 2009


we uploaded katy's pictures onto our computer before she left...i decided to share some of them with you all. the great thing about her pictures is that she took some that we would never think of taking! so much here that is strange seems normal to us.

here we are in the big market, by the women that sell fabric...definitely not hancocks!

there are so many choices! 2 meters is 400 kwacha, and 4 meters is 800 kwacha. i love all of the colors!

on the way to salima, we passed this "vehicle," which is not an unusual site.

this is the entrance to the big can be really intimidating, with vendors swarming all around you, trying to get you to buy a homemade mop or broom. you just have to shake your head no and say "don't need."

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