Wednesday, April 1, 2009

exciting news...

Bech and I have really exciting news to share with you all....we're pregnant! We have known for a few weeks but wanted to wait until Bech's parents were here to tell them in person. They were really excited and so are we. Obviously, this is not necessarily when we wanted to have our first child, but we can't help but be excited to meet him/her!

Here is our first picture of either Jack Nolan or Lucy Bech!

April Fools!


Gamard said...

AHHHHHHH!!!! You really got me.

I was calling Danica at school, about to jump out of my chair here at work. Congratulations! You almost gave me a heart attack, so if that's what you were going for then, GREAT!

katybraden said...

I was furious at you. Furious not that you were pregnant- but furious that you didnt tell me when I was there, especially since we were talking about babies, furious that I didn't atleast get a call or email, that I heard via your blog with every other normal person.

very mean april fools. very mean. have fun in capetown.

Sheryl said...

That was a good one! I should try that one out on Uncle Mike!

Anna said...

You are so bad. I was just about to comment to say that ultrasound looks like it's from 20 weeks or more, and ask how long you had been keeping this a secret!


It was a good one.