Thursday, April 16, 2009

a visit to lucius' village

we have talked a lot about lucius, our gardener. when katy was here, bech and she were able to go visit him at his village, cauma. last week, we took bech's parents out there.

this is a cluster of village children crowding around our car and yelling "mzungu" (which means white person)...most of the time a white person goes into a village here, it creates quite a stir!

lucius is building a home for his family. the man bending over is the bricklayer. lucius is telling us about his home.

lucius is in the red shirt, the man in the light brown shirt is his neighbor, and the little girl is his youngest daughter (he has three girls), tadala. all around the village, the men are growing maize. here is lucius' field. he is growing enough maize to provide nsema (the staple food item is similar to grits, but very bland. people here eat it 2 or 3 times a day, sometimes plain, sometimes with a little relish) for his family for a whole year, plus have some maize to sell.

here are bech's parents with lucius, his wife estar, tadala, and his middle daughter jesca.

here is a close up pictures of jesca...isn't she gorgeous?

i hope you all enjoy seeing some pictures from a typical village here in malawi. i know i have asked for prayer for this so many times, but please continue to pray that someone will hire lucius when we leave!

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