Monday, April 27, 2009

I haven't really gotten it into my head that we are leaving in less than 2 months. Like I said in my last post, I am both excited and sad. I need to get into gear though, because we have so much to do! We have all of our ticket stuff taken care of, so thats a relief. But we need to sell our car (and hopefully get a U.S. check for it as opposed to a huge wad of Malawian Kwacha) and our household items (table, fridge, stove, etc.).

Plus there is still so much I want to do! I am still working on orders for Charles (placemats for Andy's mom, placemats for myself, and a couple purses for Holly). I want to go to church with Lucius family. I want to see Zomba.

Then things will be pretty crazy when we get home. We need to figure out jobs (we have a few possibilities, but nothing set in stone), housing (we will probably be renting a house in Fondren--Bech's brother and sister-in-law live there now), and insurance (this one freaks me out!). We want to visit so many people (we are for sure going to Oxford, and mostly for sure going to Branson...we also want to go to Leesburg). And, I am going to need to go to Little Tokyo at least a few times in July...okay, so that's more of a want...but still. You get the picture...busy-ness!

Please pray that I will stay calm during all of this. I love planning, but I also have a tendency to worry!

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Courtney said...

we can worry together since I'll be moving around the same time you guys will (though mine's just across country again instead of across an ocean!)