Thursday, September 3, 2009

almost christmas...

Okay, so, no, its not really almost Christmas. I mean, not technically. But yesterday, I was in Michaels and I saw the Christmas ribbon! It's already out!

Christmas is my favorite holiday...I absolutely love everything about Christmas. And I know decorations aren't everything, but it was hard to go from this tree every year:

(tree at my parents house)

to this tree this past year:

(tree bought for MK2000 at Shoprite)

I am just ready for everything about Christmas. So I have decided to go ahead and make my blog Christmas themed. Because I'm ready for Christmas and you should be too!


Sheryl said...

You crack me up! Uncle Mike was telling the kids last night that Walgreens already has their Halloween stuff out and he thought that was early. I totally understand your excitement. Have you started shopping yet?

Katy Robertson said...

hey if i am in jackson, lets have a gingerbread house party like when we were little.