Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I mentioned last post how cold it has been in Mississippi...this week it's actually going to be in the 50's during the day, but last week it was in the 20's and 30's during the day. The city of Jackson is not prepared for this weather, because all of their water mains and pipes are breaking. Right now, there is very little water in the city and non of it is drinkable. Bech was able to take a trickle shower this morning, but most people in our neighborhood don't have any water.

It is funny to see people freak out about this. People are rushing to stores to stock up on water, and all of the schools are being closed today. If the water went out in Malawi, it was a bummer, but nothing stopped. We had to filter or boil our water anyway, and hopefully we had some stored up. I remember trying to wash my hands at school only to realize, "Oh, they've turned the water off today," and simply using hand sanatizer instead. And here, everyone is stopping daily life because of the water situation.

Anyway, hopefully we will have water soon so that schools will open back up. And we still have gas and electricity and fast internet, so I'm not complaining!


Sherry Adams said...

Hi Marley, I am with you. Hey no water at least I have electricity and internet and TV. After living overseas for several years now I truly believe we as Americans are so spoiled to the things in life that other countries consider normal. I really do appreciate the things that I am spoiled with though.

Catherine Sledge said...

So I saw you at Papitos last night! Y'all were just getting seated, and I was about to come over there and talk to you, but then our food came and I got distracted, and then we stayed so late that y'all had left by the time we got up! Anyway, I hate I missed you! Hope y'alls dinner was good..mine was delish! I'll be eating it again today for lunch ha! That places gives you so much dang food!

Kate Freeman said...

haha the jackson "panic 2010"