Thursday, January 21, 2010

The water crisis in Jackson (the newspapers words, not mine) is finally over, and life is somewhat back to normal. Plus, it is so warm today...I don't even need a jacket! I am loving it.

This semester is going to be a little crazy. I am taking a Greek translation class at Millsaps. We are reading Plato's "Symposium," which is proving to be very interesting. I haven't had a Greek class since the spring of my sophmore year, so I was really really nervous about this class. But it is going well so far. Most of my Greek is coming back to me. It's also fun to feel a little like a college student again.

Lately, a lot of my friends have gotten pregnant. Several people from ABC are expecting, as well as a good friend who I worked with in Oxford. I have to admit, part of me wishes I was pregnant, too. Bech and I love kids and cannot wait to have one!

A lot of people have been asking me lately when we are going to have kids. Bech and I have decided to wait at least a few more years. Part of this reason is motivated by financial reasons. I don't have maternity insurance and babies are expensive! Another major reason is that I want to go to graduate school first. I would at least like to have my masters degree before I have a baby.

So thats our plan. But I am so excited for all of the people that are pregnant! I can't wait to buy them all baby presents so I can spoil their babies. I just started working for a few hours every Friday at a store called the Polkadot Pony. It is a childrens boutique (although it also has some really cute adult clothes, which would be why I am working there!). I am planning on using my discount to buy some cute baby presents!

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