Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Last year, we...

I have seen a few other blogs show the past year in pictures, so I was inspired to do it myself:

Last new years eve, we had a party complete with both paper games and roasted red bell pepper hummus (thanks megan!).

Here's a preview for this July...plus, I don't even remember Elijah being that little! So cute...

We spend quality time with some of our favorite people, the Joneses. (And discovered that our little apartment is NOT childproof!)

We moved on campus!

We had visitors and took them all around Malawi (or at least the central region).

We spend Valentine's Day with two people we love!

Bech met Maxjoy and became "a man of his hands."

We had another visitor and I went on a girls safari.

We spent time with Lucius and his family.

We went to Capetown and I saw penguins.

We ate mice on a stick...okay, not really, but we saw mice on a stick.

We had a ballet/band recital.

Bech channeled his inner Wes Anderson character for Field Day (Go Liwonde!).

We saw the president of Malawi, the honorable Bingu wa Mutharika.

We had to say goodbye to people and students we love!

And pack everything up.

Plus make one last stop at Foodworths to see Gama

But we got to ride to South Africa with Josh and Emily!
We made a stop in London, and went to see Blaise's Castle.

At some point, Bech decided to ruin every picture by making obnoxious faces.

I got to eat at "The Eagle and Child"!

We came home, and there were pictures taken but I don't know where they are. Plus, if I knew where they are, I wouldn't post them, because I have been on a plane for a while and have not taken a shower in a while in all of those pictures. So imagine us landing in Jackson and seeing everyone!

We went to Beale Street with Katy and Blaise then to see "Wicked' (thank you, Katy!).

We celebrated 2 years of marriage!

We spent time in Oxford and saw old friends.

And enjoyed the game!
I spent time with my kids at Millsaps.

We went to RUF fall conference.

It snowed!

We had Christmas with our families. I don't have pictures of this either so I'll just put a picture up of our tree, cause I love it.

We finished the year with a homemade meal, just the two of us. Then Bech fell asleep at 9:45...I kid you not. He had woken up at 5 that morning and then killed and butchered his first deer. But still...9:45? At least he cooked me an AMAZING steak before he fell asleep.

That was our year...amazing and wonderful. We made good friends and then had to say goodbye. We moved twice, and we lived in two different countries. Hopefully next year will be a little calmer, but I still loved 2009.

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