Sunday, September 12, 2010

Champlain Valley Expo--AKA VT state fair!

I know I've already uploaded the pig race video (which apparently they do at the Mississippi state fair--to which I would like to say that I have been seriously missing out. All those years as a child that I could have gone to the pig races at the fair, but yet my parents never took me!!!), but I though I would add some pictures of the rest of the fair. Of course, there are rides and such, but we just went to the animal and produce exhibits.

First of all, this here is the fair record for largest pumpkins. This is ridiculous...1,246.5 pounds of pumpkin! Whew...can you imagine growing that thing. There was a very excited old man in charge of fielding pumpkin questions. Of course Bech asked him about the pumpkin, so we learned a lot of stuff. I kinda zoned out a minute into it, so I actually didn't learn that much. But I could have.

Here is a ram. They had gorgeous types of sheep. I liked this ones coat the best.

My favorite part was the chickens. And the chickens were all for sale, for low prices. But I don't think the nice people at graduate student housing would like for me to have a pet chicken. Which is very sad, because otherwise, I really would have bought one. I mean, really, how cute is this little guy (or actually I think it's a girl)...

This one is ridiculously cute...I loved him!

They had fake cows to milk. And, yes, we were in the kids section at this point. But we have never seen these kinds of animals up close and personal, so I think it's okay that we were there.

Cattle. We actually have seen these up close, while visiting some friends who work at a dairy. And they are really really cute!

Baby pigs. Let me just say that pigs are really cute. A lot cuter than you'd think. And funny.

This past week, we bought a china cabinet on craigs list. It was actually just a regular cabinet piece, but we are going to be using it for our china. And then I was finally able to unpack all of our china, annieglass, and crystal. It was like Christmas! I cannot wait to use it all!

One of my favorite things I unpacked was our mint julep cups. They are engraved with an "E," and absolutely beautiful. I was feeling homesick and wishing I was in the grove, so I made cheese grits and drank sweet tea lemonade out of one of my mint julep glasses!

I am going to be looking on Design Sponge for ideas for the cabinet. It needs to be repainted in some way, but I'm not sure yet about what color or what way. Maybe I will put a picture of it online, and you all can give me suggestions!

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Alison said...

those chickens really made me laugh! they are so cute! now you've definitely got me in the mood for a good ol' country fair.