Saturday, September 18, 2010

Whew...thank goodness for the weekend! Things have been crazy lately. I am working 19 hours at the library on top of school. Luckily, I get to do a lot of homework during work. And I definitely need that homework time!

This past week, we went to a young adults Bible study through a local church. I have definitely missed being around Christians our age. I have taken that for granted my whole life. But having Christian community is such a gift!

Then on Wednesday, we celebrated our 3 year anniversary. I can't believe Bech and I got married 3 years ago. It seems like it was just the other day! We went out to eat then picked up Ben & Jerry's for dessert.

This is us before dinner. My allergies were crazy that day, so my eyes look really weird.

Tonight, we went to a cookout for graduate student housing. They had real southern barbecue. The guy who cooked it has gone to tons of southern barbecue places, so he really knew what he was doing. Plus there were "Wickle Pickles." Turns out, there is a place near Burlington that sells them. If you have never had "Wickle Pickles," you are missing out. If you live in the south, just go to Kroger. They are sooo good!

Alright, I wanted to post pictures of my new cabinet, where I am keeping my china and crystal. I know I want to refinish it in some for or fashion, but I'm not sure.

Any thoughts???

Like I said before, I'm going to be looking on design sponge to see if I can find any good ideas. See how the cabinet doors have a rectangular inset? I thought about using a cool paper on those, something very geometrically patterned.

Seriously, though, give me thoughts/suggestions/links to pictures, etc. Any advice will be greatly appreciated!!!


Alison said...

Congrats on your 3rd anniversary!!

Here are some links to refinishing/repainting furniture as far as technique goes...hope that helps!

Kate said...

paint the outside a solid color and do the inside of the little rectangle a great modern wallpaper.. it ill be so cute with the clear classes.

Kate said...

look on etsy. They have a great selection on handmade items and vintage stuff. Try looking there for good wallpaper. If not you could try IKEA.. ? I think.