Wednesday, September 22, 2010

No pictures in this post...sorry! I just have a few random thoughts:

1. I LOVE working in the library! I cannot believe I never worked in a library before. I work a variety of jobs (periodicals, reserve, and the science library), and I really love doing it. I get to organize (which I love), and, more than that, I get to organize books (which I really love). I have lots of time to work on homework as well.

2. My parents and my little sister fly in tonight...yay!!! I am very excited to see them! I cannot wait to show them Burlington. I think they will love it.

3. I ride the bus to school. I get to ride it for free with my UVM id. It takes about 15 minutes each way, and I really actually enjoy riding it. I don't have to drive or park, and I am grateful for those 15 minutes of down time at the beginning and ending of my school/work day. But there is no telling who is going to be on the bus each day with me. I am used to living in a nice little clean world. But I can't do that on the bus. And I am reminded each day how similar this is to the gospel. It is easy for me to escape to a nice, safe church world. But that is not the gospel. The gospel is messy, because of other believers, and because of me.

4. Being in a state where I am not surrounded by Christians (both nominally and really) has made me crave and enjoy Christian fellowship so much. We had Bible study last night, and I was so thankful for the time we spent praying together. I think it is very hard to be a Christian in Vermont, but, at the same time, being a Christian can feel so much more real.

5. I am still absolutely loving my classes. Plus, each day I find I get faster and better at my translations. I have been out of school for 3 years, so I am thankful for this! And as my homework takes less and less time, I will be able to work more on that dreaded reading list.

6. I hate to take sides, but I really just think I love Latin more. But I do love Greek.

7. Since these are getting really boring, I will end this post now. Hopefully the next post I do will contain pictures of the fall color up here!!!

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