Wednesday, December 29, 2010

baby update...

I have been looking at fabric online for the nursery for a few weeks now. I found a few that I love, but they are all girl fabrics.

Here is the one I am just crazy about:

I love the bright colors and the peacocks! This fabric would look so sweet as a bed skirt and curtains.

This one is an Amy Butler fabric--all of her stuff is a amazing!

Again, this one has so much color to it!

But, as you have noticed, these are both girl fabrics. And as of yesterday, the baby's gender was up in the air!

Since, according to my first ultrasound done in Burlington, I am now about halfway through with my 16th week, the baby's gender might be able to be seen. So yesterday afternoon we went to my dads office so he could attempt to find out the gender.

My dad is a pediatric cardiologist, so he mostly spent a lot of time checking out the baby's heart (which looks good!). He wasn't sure still on the gender--plus the baby was moving a LOT.

So we headed over to his best friends office, who is an OBGYN. The ultrasound tech did an ultrasound, and it looks like...

I'm going to be looking for fabrics more in the blue green color scheme! Baby Evans is a boy!

I am not going to lie--I really wanted a girl. I just know what to do with girls. Plus, on the whole, girl stuff is more cute. So I am still trying to wrap my head around a boy. But I am excited, and Bech is too. I will just have to do a TON of reading and asking questions! Plus, I have already found some really sweet baby boy stuff.

We have a name, but I need to make sure all of our family knows it before I put it online!


Bethany Reine' said...

i remember crying at the abc clinic when we found out elijah was a boy. i wasn't sure what to do with boys. i still do want to have a girl someday, but i absolutely LOVE my boys. they are so much fun!!!
finding fun fabrics for a boy's room was hard, too. i wanted something that could be good for a girl, too (of course la turned out to be a boy, too!). turquoise and orange is what i came up with because i thought it could look good with purples/pinks should we have three in one room sometime down the road.
anyways, i am SO excited for you guys and cannot wait to hear the name!!

Bethany Reine' said...

i have another friend pregnant with a boy-she's a crafter and has an etsy shop. anyways, here is her blog with a post about how she's decorating her little boy's room. i love the colors!

Catherine Sledge said...

Marley I am so excited for yall!!! My sister has two boys and a girl, in that order, and she always says that she loved having boys first because they are so much easier than girls! You will be a great mom, and a great boy mom! No worries. :). Plus there really are some cute boy clothes out there-I love all the little trucks and animals and such-baby evans will be a cutie for sure! Can't wait to hear the name!

The Passwaters said...

You will be great parents to baby boy Evans! And I love the giraffe fabric. :)

The McDonalds said...

I love that giraffe print you showed. That would be really cute.

Sheryl said...

I am so excited that you are having a boy! Guess where all of our cute boy stuff came from?? Brookhaven! There are some great stores there! I can't wait to hear the name!

Alison said...

Marley - I am so excited for you and Bech! I want little boys when that day comes for us. You will be such a great mom and I'm so glad I can keep up with you two on here :-)