Monday, September 12, 2011

Bollywood Night!

I am so thankful that God created other cultures!  Bech and I live at (and actually work for) Apartment and Family Housing at UVM.  There are tons of internationals that live at AFH as well, and we LOVE getting to interact and know these students.

This past Saturday night, Bech and another CA (Community Aid--what we are) put on a Bollywood night, with the help of two Indian students.  We had a wonderful time.

This is the poster Bech created for the event.  I was very impressed!

Bhel Puri--a traditional Indian snack we served.

Bech and the students made Masala chai.  I didn't get to drink any (because the caffeine might keep Jack up!), but I heard it was really good!

The movie we watched--"Jab We Met."  So good!  I loved it!  And it's actually on Netflix watch instantly right now.  

A picture from the movie.  I think the main actor is super cute.  Seriously, watch this movie.  It was wonderful!

Like I said before, I really am so thankful to God for creating all of these different cultures for us to enjoy and participate in.  And I am thankful that He has placed us in a community with so many internationals.  What a treat (and an opportunity)!

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Anonymous said...

So fun!! Wish I could have joined. :o)