Thursday, September 1, 2011

Back to school...!

School has started back up again, which means Jack had his first day of daycare!

It actually was not horrible.  I cried that morning when we dropped him off, I missed him throughout the day, and I was so eager to pick him up at 5.  But the day went pretty smoothly.

Jack did really well at daycare.  He stuck to his schedule and napped fairly well.  He seemed a little overwhelmed and overstimulated when we picked him up.  I am not surprised by that--there is just a lot more going on there than when it's just the two of us at home!

(Don't read the next paragraph if breastfeeding weirds you out!)

I was worried about pumping--where I would pump, when I would pump, if it would go smoothly.  And everything went really well.  There is a professor who is on sabbatical who's office I am able to use twice a day (and right about when Jack eats which is great!), and a nursing room in the student center I am able to use while I am working at the library.  And UVM has specific laws that protect me as a nursing mother.  Of course, that was only the first day, so we'll just have to wait and see how it all goes.  I really want to be able to nurse Jack for at least 6 months and ideally a whole year.  So I am going to be trying really hard to make sure this all works!  At least I am home with him Tuesday and Thursday.  I can't imagine doing this 5 days a week!

Okay, breastfeeding paragraph is over!  This semester is going to be hard but good.  I am taking 9 hours.  One class is thesis research, which will be enjoyable.  I am also taking Latin composition and Greek tragedy.  Right now in Greek, we are translating Euripides' Cyclops.  Latin composition is mostly learning the rules of Latin (in a much deeper level than what you learn in basic Latin) as well as writing in Latin.  I have two professors that I have yet to have before.  While I miss my professors from the last two semesters, it is always fun to experience different teaching styles.

I can tell I am going to be super busy.  Already I have been working on homework for half of the day.  But I did manage to take a break to visit the Champlain Valley fair!

Alright, that's all I have for today...I'll close with some recent pictures of my very cute, very fat baby!

Love that smile!  You can see how red his hair is in this picture.

So serious!

He has almost outgrown this outfit and I am so sad.  Maybe I'll have to name a future son with the same initials just so I can use it again!

Baby feet!

His sweet hands.

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Liz T. said...

I'm going to be working part-time after the baby so it's encouraging to see that it works while still breastfeeding - I'm on the same page as you - I want to try for at least 6 months if not a year. Also that outfit is adorable! Where did y'all get it?