Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ho ho ho!

We are having a wonderful time in Mississippi!  Jack and I have been home for a week now (which is sad, because it means we only have a week and a half left!).  

Jack did amazing on the flights here.  He didn't fuss or cry, and he even napped in my arms for some of the time.  And, of course, he smiled at everyone in sight.  He is such a sweet, happy baby!  Even though he was great, I am glad Bech will be flying back with us, so I won't have to hold him the whole time.

Jack has been soaking up being with our families.  He has been cuddled and kissed so much, and he is eating it all up!  We have gone up to Jackson a couple of times so that he can see Bech's parents.

And I am enjoying getting a break from school.  The semester ended all right.  I am happy its done.  Only 1 more semester (and 4 comprehensive tests!) left!

My mom got this little Santa outfit for Jack at Wally world.  Jack looks cute as a button in it--I think it helps that he has the huge belly to fill it out!

I love this last picture of him...he looks a little crazed!  

We hope everyone else is having a wonderful Christmas season as well!


Anonymous said...

Adorable. :o)

Callie Nicole said...

Oh my goodness, the Santa suit is so cute! Adorable pictures!