Sunday, December 4, 2011


I haven't put up pictures in about a week, so I thought I would add some new ones!

I mentioned it once before, but Jack is now sitting up!  He is such a big boy.

He is still a little wobbly, so, unless we are right there, we cushion him with the Boppy.  Here is Jack showing off his new skills.  I love this outfit on him.  Bech's parents got this from Prague (I think?).

He's still not a fan of tummy time, but sometimes we make him do it...we're so mean...

This next picture is awful, as far as lighting is concerned!  I need to figure out how to take good pictures of Jack in front of the tree.  But I put Jack in one of his Christmas outfits, and I needed to get a picture of him in it!

Also, Jack has officially dropped the dreamfeed, and now sleeps from 7:45 ish to 7 a.m.  Last Thursday, Jack ate a little late, so I decided to just skip the dreamfeed and see how long he could go.  And I was completely surprised when he went all night.  I have a feeling that he could probably have done this a couple of weeks ago, but I love snuggling with him after the dreamfeed!  Oh well, I know there are so many fun things about this age too.  I just miss my little baby!

And finally, here is Jack, showing off his newest skill, saying "Ba."  Of course my mom thinks he is really trying to say "Bella."

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