Thursday, December 8, 2011

Yesterday was the last day of classes here at UVM.  

Totally random side note:  University of Vermont goes by the initials UVM.  That is because the Latin name for the school is Universitas Viridis Montis (or University of the Green Mountains).  But if you didn't know this, UVM might sound strange.

So we are officially in finals week.  Which is not so bad.  Thankfully, I stayed ahead on classwork all semester so I honestly am not left with a huge amount of classwork.  I have got 2 more pages to write for a final paper in my Greek translation class.  I have a take home exam in my Latin Composition class.  I recited a Greek choral passage today for my professor, so that's done.

All in all, not too bad!

I also have to turn in an abstract for a conference.  In the academic world, there are tons and tons of conferences.  And there are also tons and tons of calls for conference abstracts.  That's basically a word snapshot of a paper you have written or will write, which fits in with the conference theme.  Last year, I deleted all of the emails I got about conferences.  This year, I have realized that I probably should apply for a least one or two.  So I chose the closest ones, both in Boston (3 1/2 hours away).  I would LOVE to be accepted into at least one of the two, but I have no idea what my chances are, having never done this before.

Plus, we have a bunch of parties/get togethers:  cookie swap tomorrow night, potluck Saturday night, baby shower (I'm hosting!) Sunday, last minute hang outs with neighbors...It is going to be a busy next couple of days!

And then, after I get all of this done, I get to go home!  I am so ready and excited to be home!  And Jack is very ready to be back in the South!

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Ashley said...

Bryan applies to so many of these conferences. I hope you are accepted to some in Boston!!