Thursday, June 21, 2012

On Jack's First Birthday

My sweet Baby Jack,

I cannot believe you are already a year old!  I know this is trite, but it really does feel like just yesterday that we were bringing you home from the hospital.  You were so small and helpless, and now you are running around the house like a little wild man.

I have loved this past year so much.  Everyday you do something new or I am able to see a new facet of your personality.  You are an absolute joy to be around.  Your dad and I delight in you—your smiles, your laughs, each little noise you make, every new thing you discover.  You make us laugh every single day.  There have been many nights where we have put you to bed, opened up the computer, and looked at new and old pictures of you.   Even when you are sleeping, we can’t get enough of you!


You have the sweetest personality.  I know I am biased, but you really do have such a sweet little heart.  You love to cuddle.   You will just curl your little head on my shoulder and snuggle with us.  And recently you have started to give kisses.  Sometimes they are open-mouthed and a little sticky, but they are still so precious to me!

We have had a busy last year (school, work, moving), but through it all you have been so flexible and easy going.  At a year old, you have been on 17 flights and have driven 1700 miles across the country.  Even this past Tuesday, you spent another 10 ½ hours in the car on the way to Florida.  You have had your fussy moments, but have mostly smiled and taken it all in stride.

You love to have the attention of others.  If we are out in public, you look around at everyone, wait for their smiles, and soak in the attention!  If someone dares to not pay attention to you, you look at him quizzically.  I can almost hear you thinking, “What, you don’t love me?  But I’m Baby Jack!”

The older you get, the more we get to see your personality.  You are so like your daddy!  You are a perfect mix of serious and goofy.  When you have a new challenge or new toy, you are transfixed, barely taking your attention from the new task at hand.  You are shy in new surroundings, and seriously take in everything new.  And, boy, can you people-watch!  (One of your dad’s special talents)  You love to see what everyone around you is up to.  But when you are comfortable in a place, you let your goofy side out.  You make funny noises and dance.  You can be so silly!

Baby Jack, I cannot wait to see what the years will bring.  I am sad that you aren’t my little newborn, that you have lost your newborn smell, that you don’t need to be held all of the time, that you aren’t my little baby anymore.  But I am excited to see how you will continue to change in the coming years.  I am excited to hear you speak more, excited to see your imagination at work.  I am ready to play with you, to take you to school, to share so many new experiences with you. 

But most of all Jack, I am excited to see you grow up because I pray that you will love God.  One of my favorite Andrew Peterson songs says, “Now we’re counting stars and counting sand, little feet and little hands; we’re counting joys.  We pray You’ll know them as you knew us when you wove us.  As you hold us, hold them, please hold them.”  That is my constant prayer for you.  I pray that you will know God, that you will love Him, that you will be a man after His own heart. 

And as we wait for you to grow into that man, we will continue to count all of the many joys you bring to us.

We love you, Baby Jack.  Happy 1st Birthday!


B. Redd said...

This entry is so sweet! We can't wait until we get to meet Jack in person. The Redds

RCM said...

happy birthday Jack!!! <3 xoxoxo

Callie Nicole said...

Oh, this is so sweet, Marley! Happy first birthday to Jack!