Sunday, June 10, 2012

Summer days...

We have been enjoying our time back home.  We have been home for almost a week and have lazed around and enjoyed Mississippi.

We have:

* eated snowcones (notice it's plural!)

* laid out and swam at the pool--Jack is a little water baby!

* picked blueberries

* baked yummy food with said blueberries

* baked and eaten yummy food in general

* gone to Jackson so Jack can visit with his great grandmother there

* cuddled with his great grandparents here

* eaten watermelon...lots of watermelon!

(notice the Nana loves salt on her watermelon, and so do I!) 

Yup, I think he likes it!

He's such a mess!  


Ashley said...

We are headed to Fort Morgan Alabama (near Gulf Shores). Bryan's family goes every year. This is the 27th year I think. At this point there are like 25 people who come and we all stay in one big house and it's so fun!
Where are you guys going? Who do you go with?

Courtney said...

I am so jealous of the watermelon! Jack is obviously practicing for a watermelon eating contest. He'll be a pro at watermelon bust if he goes to Millsaps!