Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Midweek Randoms

Today was my last day of school before the break!  We actually didn't have any middle school students, but teachers were still required to be on campus.  We got to leave half day, so I grabbed Jack from daycare, ran a couple errands, and took a nap with him! (well not in his crib, but at the same time)

So I am officially on break, now!  YAY!  Tomorrow, when Bech gets home from work, we will get in the car and head to Brookhaven to start our holiday break.  


So here are some random thoughts/pictures/updates:

* I am loving being a teacher--I have gotten SO many fun gifts!  Lots of yummy food and candy, lots of fun to-go cups (I love tervis cups with lids and straws!), gift cards, and some really creative gifts.  One child made homemade tabasco sauce, homemade worcestershire sauce, and homemade cajun seasoning, with the cutest labels.  I can't wait to cook with them!

* I have a real issue with hoarding.  I even blogged about it once before.  No, I don't have a crazy hoarding house--what I hoard is Christmas money and gift cards (oh, and bath goodies!).  But I was so proud of myself yesterday...I spent some gift cards!  I had two Barnes & Noble gift cards, so I ordered 3 books I had been wanting.  I never spend gift cards that soon and I rarely (if ever) buy fun books for myself.  I can't wait for my new books to come in.  (I got three of Louise Penny's books, if anyone is wondering.  She's a Canadian mystery writer...really good!)

* Bech and I are loving having our buddy boy back home and healthy.  Here's Bech with our little reader.  Jack loves books right now (Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus is one of his favorites)...I hope he always loves reading!

* I have been wanting to start some family traditions for Christmas.  I know Jack wouldn't really get a lot of things right now, so we started small this year.  Monday night, we ran through Starbucks for some Christmas drinks (thanks, students, for my gift card!) and drove around some near-by neighborhoods to look at lights.  We left about 30 minutes before Jack's bedtime and drove around for about an hour.  I thought Jack, who was all bundled up in pj's and had his lovey's and pacifier, would surely fall asleep, but he didn't.  He fought sleep so he could see all the lights!

* Tomorrow morning, I am going to a friends to be crafty!  I am excited...working doesn't leave much pinterest inspired crafty time.

* I have a couple more presents that are in the mail or are waiting to be wrapped and one more present to buy (but I already have it picked out, so that should be easy).  I am glad to be done with shopping  and not having to run around last minute!

So that's what's going on around here.  Less than a week until Christmas...I can't wait!

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