Monday, May 27, 2013


As I write this, we are soaking up the sun and drinking margarita's in San Diego.  And I know that we are having a blast.  I will share all about it when we get back, but I thought I would let you know what we've been up to before our trip!

First of all, check out this email from my sweet husband.  Seriously, I have a keeper. 

And he's right...God has always had it planned, and He's not going to stop now.  It would be offensive for me to not trust that!

At Jack's daycare, they celebrated summer birthday's this past week.  I brought cupcakes and we all sang to Jack.  And he thought it was just grand.  Seriously.  I guess he's seen this happen with all of the other kids so he was a pro.

On Thursday this week, I just had to finish packing up my room.  So Jack and I took our time in the morning, folding clothes while watching the Today show and stopping for doughnuts.  My boy loves him some doughnuts.  And I love time with my Jackie.

Here's my room all packed up.  This has been such a rough week for me emotionally.  I love my job.  I love working with middle school kids.  And I never thought I would leave this job after a year.  Seeing my room all empty and bare was so hard. 

Here's my buddy boy on the first day of school this year and the last.  

Ohmylanta, has he grown!  Bech and I watched some old iphone videos the other night.  He has gone from a little baby, barely walking and saying so few words, to a toddler who runs and jumps and talks in complete sentences.  

I will be back soon with some pictures of San Diego!

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Katy Robertson said...

Right there with you.... Housing will work out. Bech is right. ATleast we can stress together.

ALthough I hope you quit stressing long enough to enjoy SAN DIEGO!