Tuesday, November 26, 2013

These are a few of my favorite stocking stuffers!

Today, I'm linking up with Cheers Y'all and Down with the Dearmores to share my favorite Stocking Stuffers:

(Bear with me...this is my first time to try a collage.  I used Picasa, and I think it turned out okay...but how do I get rid of the frames around the individual items?  Any tips?)

O     N     E

OPI nail polish.  I am not incredibly girly, but I LOVE glittery nail polish.  This color, I Snow You Love Me, is actually from OPI's Mariah Carey Christmas line.

T     W     O

A Starbucks gift card.  Ever since last Christmas (when I got a ridiculous amount of Starbucks gift cards from my students), I have been obsessed with Starbucks and my Starbucks app.  Some people gamble, I work toward gold level and free rewards!  

Also, peppermint white mochas are Christmas in liquid form.

T     H     R     E     E

I love fuzzy socks!  They are cute, cheap, and a great way to fill up large stockings.  These are from Old Navy and are on sale for $3.50.

F     O     U     R

Candy Cane Kisses.

Have y'all had these?  If not, you need to.  They are AH-MAZING.  They are my Christmas kryptonite.  And, again, large volume, small price--so perfect for filling up stockings!

F     I     V     E

Did you know that Bath and Body Works makes mini-candles?  They are the perfect little treat!   And right now, they are 3 for $10.  

I got some in my stocking last year (thanks, Mom!) and loved them.  One of my favorite smells is Marshmallow Fireside.

What are some of y'alls favorite stocking stuffers?


Nina B said...

Those kisses are so cute. And I can't say this enough...you can't go wrong with comfy socks.

Jessi Otey said...

I want Starbucks nooow (its freezing and rainy here in VA) and anything Marshmallow is my favorite!

Rychelly said...

oh I need that candle right now! It would make this yucky weather so much better!

Donna said...

Oh gosh, I forgot about Candy Cane Kisses, they really are the best! I would love to be eating a bag, while sipping on some Starbucks and enjoying that scented candle!

Danielle said...

You are welcome to fill my stocking anytime :) Have you tried the Hershey bar candy cane? It is amazing!! I like it better than the kisses, personally.

Callie Nicole said...

Candy Cane kisses are my FAVORITE! We actually buy a few bags after Christmas so we can still hae some when they go out of season - ha! :-)