Tuesday, July 22, 2014

New Baby Splurges!

I have totally become one of those pregnant ladies who only posts about the new baby.  Sorry!  But, really, new baby stuff is just so cute.

I feel like I haven't really nested with this baby.  For a while, I just really didn't feel the urge.  But at about the 30 week mark, the nesting kicked in.  Unfortunately, it kicked in right before the move.  I did go through and wash all of Jack's newborn, 3 month, and 6 month clothes (making sure to get the stains out).  Now I am ready to unpack everything next week and start getting it ready!

Even though I have moments of being sad that this baby isn't a girl (bows, bonnets, bishop dresses!), from the beginning I really did hope for another boy.  Part of that is because I think it will be fun, albeit crazy, to have two little wild men.  And hopefully they will fulfill their wrestling instincts on each other, rather than me.  But another part is because Jack has a great little wardrobe, and I am excited (as is my wallet) to have another baby to wear it all again!

Besides clothes, we really do have most of the other necessities too.  I think I have talked myself out of even buying (at least at first) a double stroller.  I did buy Jack's swing off of craigslist and then I sold it when we were done.  So I might need to get another one of those.  But I kept everything else (and lugged it all up to PA!), so we are good.

Which means everything else is fun!  Here are a few things I have either received or I have my eye on:

Zutano for Aden + Anais

I have loved Zutano for several years.  When Jack was a newborn, Bech and I became obsessed with Aden + Anais swaddle blankets.  Seriously, if you are new mom, get some.  They are amazing.  

My two favorites joined forces and released a line together.

Seriously, I can't even handle it.  So cute!  

We have received the swaddling blankets and washcloths, and I am going to buy the bibs.  I love the colors, and I know that I will love using all of these things!

Thirsties Duo Wrap

One of the great things about cloth diapering is that you can use your supplies through multiple kids.  And we have a great set of diapers.  We were able to get them on sale for 20 and 40% off (which never happens!).  I think we have 23 diapers, a mix of FuzziBunz and Bumgenius.

This time around, I wanted to add a little to our stash.  Partly because it would allow us to go longer between washing diapers (which is great in the early days!) and partly because I really wanted to try some prefolds and covers.

Jack was such a chunk, which meant we were able to use our one size diapers when he was about 3 weeks old.  But this little guy may not be as big (oh, who am I kidding?  he will probably be bigger!).  Prefolds and covers will allow us to start a little sooner with cloth.

How cute is this owl pattern?

I did some research and chose Thirsties Duo Wraps, with OzoCozy Prefolds. 

I have two covers right now, a size 1 and size 2, and I am going to get one more in each size.  That gives me about 4 to 6 more changes in each size before I have to do laundry.

I know, some of y'all (okay MOST) are laughing at the thought that cloth diapers are a splurge.  But really, they are super cute and I would get by without these new ones, so that counts as splurge to me!

A Paty Gown

Do non-Southerners know about Paty gowns?  Or even non-Mississippians?  

Paty gowns (and rompers and play sets) are these super soft, sweet baby outfits.  I adore them!  Jack had a newborn gown and two size 9 month rompers.  I am so excited about the new baby wearing them.

But this new baby has very few new outfits, so I wanted to get him something special just for him!

This is the one I have my eye on, a gray striped Paty with aqua trim.  Wouldn't his monogram look so sweet on it?

There is only one problem...I can only find this Paty in size newborn.  I would much rather get it in a 3 month, because this baby will probably be big, like Jack.  I am at work tracking it down!


Liz T. said...

I'm not sure if they have this one, but Sweet Dreams in Madison has tons of Paty stuff if your mom or someone else is up this way and can look! If I was able to get out and about I would go look for ya but I'm not going too many places right now in this heat!

Hannah said...

You're going to love the Thirsties Duo. That is what we use for prefolds and they are great.

I love Paty gowns too! We never got any for Robert since no one in Florida even sells them. I'll have to make sure to get one for subsequent children.

Your splurges look like fun. Ever new baby deserves to get a few new things!