Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Graduation, Blaise!

Today, my little brother graduates from high school. I am so proud of him, but I am sad I won't be there! It seems like everything important happened this year! I had several really good friends get married and two siblings graduate (law school and high school). So here is a look at Blaise through the years! He is off to Ole Miss next fall where (because he's doing pre-med and honors college) he will have to study for the first time in his life...hah!

Here is Blaise last november, when my family stopped in London on their way to see us. Isn't he cute? By the way, if you are 19 or under, he is single!

Aw, blaise when he still had braces! Let's see...I am 19 in this picture, so he must have been about 14.

Sadly, the Elvis featured in this picture is my father. I know, it's kind of embarrassing! I think Blaise is about 10 in this picture.

We love our "Bubby" (even though I'm pretty sure he hates when we call him that)!

Congratulations, Blaise! Have a wonderful day...I wish Bech and I could be there!


Katy Robertson said...

i now call him dr. bubby.

Sheryl said...

You guys are growing up way too fast!
I don't guess you will get to come visit us this summer:{ We are glad that you have a job though! We are looking forward to having Brett and Teri here. The boys can't wait for the games to start. Brett will be a celebrity you know!

You are in our prayers!
Aunt Sheryl

Courtney said...

Congrats to Blaise!